Mobile satellite connection station EmerLink Sat M

Mobile satellite connection station EmerLink Sat M is designed to provide live broadcasts and news TV programs air feeds by using Ka-band satellite channel and GSM-networks.

Product Description

Our solution provides:

– Operation of the complex does not depend on the technical condition of the vehicle, as all equipment installed in the vehicle without any changes in the design of Renault Duster vehicle. As a result, all the equipment can be quickly dismantled and installed in any other car with the relevant parameters. No additional. vehicle preparation is required
– High mobility
– High quality of broadcast material both in a standard format and a high definition
– Low operating costs
– Low initial cost
– Low cost of satellite communication channels
– No need for a special registration of the vehicle in the traffic police
– Ease of use
– The possibility of broadcasting while driving

– Lack of dependence on urban development level, as broadcasting via the GSM-network is possible