3D-Manipulator (+ Live HD-video)

3D Drone

Our company presents a new tool in the arsenal of shooting equipment – 3D-Manipulator

By using 3D-manipulator you make your shooting more dynamic and receive an opportunity to get exclusive footage with the live broadcast. The average flight time is around 20 minutes, and the maximum height – 1.5 km, allowing you to capture a full video as SD, HD, FullHD.

Our equipment is able to solve a whole range of previously difficult tasks:

  • Conducting live broadcastings: transmitter mounted on the 3D-Manipulator board bonds all available wireless connections in a single wideband channel on which video is transmitted directly to the studio
  • Panoramic aerial photo-videography: ensuring of top pont, quick change of plans, tracking the subject
  • Remote monitoring of the territory: the perimeter of the remote control, inspection of industrial and infrastructure facilities

A significant advantage is the speed of deployment – is only 5 minutes, and the equipment is ready for use. Moreover, we have the opportunity to fit up the device in conformity with your individual wishes to maximize usability.


3D Drone
3D Drone
3D Drone
ModelLive 360Livex4X4X8
Weight2,9 kg1,3 kg1,2 kgОт 7 kg
Dimensions (Diagonal)From 559 to 581 mm350 mm350 mm1045 mm
Flight timeUp to 20 minUp to 20 minUp to 20 minUp to 15 min
Range of flightUp to 2 kmUp to 1 kmUp to 0,5 kmUp to 1 km
Altitude FlightUp to 1,5 kmUp to 1 kmUp to 0,5 kmUp to 500 m
Max. flight speedUp to 60 Km/hUp to 45 Km/hUp to 45 Km/hUp to 40 Km/h
Max. Wind speedUp to 10 m/sUp to 10 m/sUp to 10 m/sUp to 10 m/s
Live broadcast+++Optionally
The quality of the transmitted videoHd, Full HdHd, Full HdSd, Hd
Record Modein by defaultin by defaultin by defaultin by default
 Video Records  QualityUltra Hd (4k),
Full Hd, Hd
Ultra Hd (4k),
Full Hd, Hd
Full Hd, Hddepands on cavera installed
Camera TypeIntegratedGopro 4Gopro 4Blackmagic
Pocket Cinema,
Red Dragon,
Canon Mark II/III
Stabilizationx-y-z axisx-y-z axisx-y-z axisx-y-z axis
Pod Controlx-y axisx axisx axisx-y axis