Internet in a car

Internet has penetrated into all areas of our lives: check your mail, write and send an important document, connect with colleagues via Skype.
Secure connection is necessary to solve the main scope of job and personal issues .

Office and home are securely connected to the network cable, and what to do if your car is standing in a traffic jam?

Peplink trunking system is able to porovide a reliable channel for all applications and almost anywhere!

This device is able to summarize a lot of wireless channels and ensure a secure connection (standard AES 256-bit) with your office network.
Full access to your materials from the office network will allow you to solve quickly almost any problem while moving .

The equipment is easy to install in any vehicle and power with the onboard power supply. It works without further intervention just after the initial configuration of equipment.
It can be mounted under the interior trim.

Key features:

  • Load Balancing work with multiple WAN- connections
  • Communication channels bonding  using SpeedFusion technology
  • Ability to work with 4G LTE, 3G, Wi-Fi, DSL, cable and / or satellite
  • Flow control system
  • Built-in 4G LTE or the World-Mode 3G modems
  • Built-in controller WLAN for Pepwave AP
  • Adaptive portal for access points
  • Built-in GPS

Интернет в автомобиле